Your Home in Retirement

Our Retiree Program

Your lifestyle is changing, so should your home. Our team review your space and make recommendations on adapting your home to accommodate your changing lifestyle. You will be happier and healthier with the added benefit of familiar friends, neighbors and local services.

We Will:

  • Rearrange your furniture for easier movement
  • Offer expert interior decor consulting as required
  • Repurpose how you use your rooms and furniture
  • Recommend safety and accessibility upgrades
  • Declutter important areas like your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and
  • Connect you to personal support services such as health care, visiting nurses, homemakers, meal delivery and other special assistance providers as needed.
Karen respected our wishes to remain in our home for as long as we can. She helped us turn our home into a safer more manageable space. She not only decluttered and re-arranged furniture, but helped update our décor and recommended a trusted service team to paint, install new floors and bathroom bars. We highly recommend Topcat to anyone who wants to update their home for future needs.