You should be excited for your next home. Let us help you through the process so you think about everything else, but the stress. 

Topcat provides complete move management services to help you comfortably relocate to your new home. Our process begins long before your first box gets packed and ends well after the truck is unloaded. We provide a customized hands-on-solution that starts with lots of pre-planning and organizing and finishes when you are completely resettled in your new home.

We will ensure that you are moved and set up in your new home with your belongings, peace of mind and family relationships all intact.

During your move, Topcat will:

  • Plan the complete move
  • Create a furniture plan for the new home
  • Pre-sort & organize belongings
  • Disperse of unwanted items
  • Recommend trusted movers
  • Oversee move day logistics
  • Unpack boxes and put everything away
  • Remove packing materials
  • Set up each room just the way you like
I am very satisfied with all services that Karen provided. It has been pleasure working with her and the team. Preplanning was terrific. The execution and attention to detail was wonderful. This is definitely the way to go to ensure a pleasant move.
Vasanthi, Toronto