Estate Clearing

Home or estate clear outs can be emotionally draining. Trying to make the decision of what to keep and how to remove the rest can be too much to do on your own.

Topcat works directly with homeowners, family members, lawyers or estate trustees to clear a property as quickly and efficiently as possible. We approach the clear out with the utmost sensitivity and respect to ensure that every client is comfortable throughout the entire process of getting a home completely ready for new owners.

Our home and estate clear out services include thorough and sensitive content review as we::

  • Remove debris or non-sellable items;
  • Empty challenging spaces like attics, garages and crawl-spaces;
  • Oversee independent appraisals, liquidation and auction services;
  • Identify vital documents and valuables that should not be discarded;
  • Arrange disposition of unwanted items and donations to charities;
  • Pack and shipping items to heirs as designated by will
We hired Topcat to manage the clear out of an inherited family home. It was a huge job and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I was most impressed with Karen’s organizational skills; she kept track of every detail and did everything on a tight timeline and within our budget. Although Topcat’s services paid for themselves, Karen had the insight to bring in an antique dealer for a few discarded items and the dealer gave us $1400 for them! I would highly recommend Topcat’s services to anyone, anytime.
Kim G., Richmond Hill