Nine Easy Steps to Downsize Your Clothing

When my clients take me through their homes, as they start to downsize, they open their bedroom closet(s) and sigh. So many years of clothing. They don’t know where to start. The very thought of trying on all those clothes to see what fits and what doesn’t, is exhausting. My question to them is, “how […]

Separate the treasures from the trash

Home / Estate Clear Out Many people find home & estate clear outs emotionally draining. There are so many memories attached to the contents of a home and while they may not have monetary value, many pieces have emotional value that cannot be measured. Topcat works directly with homeowners, family members, lawyers or estate trustees […]

Helping Mom and Dad Downsize

Your parents are moving from their home of 43 years to a two-bedroom condominium in a retirement community. The prospect of downsizing seems overwhelming! How can you help them move forward during this emotional time? Involve your parents in the move decisions as much as possible. Their participation will make adjustment to the move much easier. […]