Later Life Moves Made Easier

Moving from a home of several years can be very stressful for most people and especially so for seniors. Later life moves usually mean saying goodbye to many treasured and even not so treasured items that hold memories of one’s life. It means the loss of neighbours, services and social habits that may be decades old and the prospect of ‘starting over’ can have a heavy emotional toll. Years of accumulated possessions and memories will have to be physically and emotionally packed and pared down, moved and then re-established in new surroundings.

Social changes often make it increasingly difficult for family members to provide all of the physical and emotional support needed for such moves. Grown children often live far away and have their own family and career commitments. Relocation may be the result of an increased need for care due to physical or mental limitations and available options need to be researched and evaluated. Whatever the situation, these seniors need much more assistance when it comes time to transition from one living situation to another.

Fortunately, with the aging population phenomenon, move organizing services have emerged to help fill the gaps and make moving easier for eveyrone involved.

A relocation specialist differs from a moving company because they provide a multi-faceted approach to the transition process. They can help families make decisions on everything from where to go to post-move support and advocacy. They can do as much or as little as you want from planning a move to hanging the last picture in a new space.

Services focus on:

  1. Researching the best options for your new living arrangements.
  2. Planning your downsizing, move logistics and resettlement.
  3. Disposition of surplus items through sale, donations or gifts.
  4. Home staging and post-sale property clear out.
  5. Pre and post-move advocacy and concierge support.

When selecting a relocation specialist, make sure they are accredited, insured and bonded. These professionals are trained to work with older adults and follow a strict code of ethics that meet the standards of their certification and professional membership organizations.

Relocation Specialists are committed to personalized attention and care and receive a great sense of satisfaction when helping clients and their families move forward with their new living arrangements.