Nine Good Reasons to Say “Yes” to a Clutter Free Home

Is clearing clutter on your to-do list this year? Having trouble getting started? Sometimes having the right motivation is all it takes us to finally act.  Here are nine good reasons to say bye, bye clutter, once and for all.

  1. Enjoy more free time. Find what you need when you need it – less time wasted hunting for misplaced items. Less stuff makes your home quicker and easier to clean.
  2. Spend less money. When you are aware of maintaining a clutter-free space, there is no need to spend money on organizing tools and storage containers to hold your excess. You may also spend less on a new home purchase if extra storage isn’t a factor.
  3. Feel calmer. Imagine coming home to a serene, welcoming space where everything fits comfortably. Cluttered homes make us we feel stressed and anxious. Clear clutter and give yourself the gift of peace and calm!
  4. Always have something to wear. A stuffed closet and nothing to wear is a common “complaint” — but have you stopped to consider why? Closets packed with clothing that don’t make you feel and look great, should go. A pared-back wardrobe filled with favourite pieces makes getting dressed easy.
  5. Help others by donating. Those old winter coats, cellphones, toys and even craft supplies can be used by charitable organizations to help people in need. Feel good knowing that your unused belongings have meaningful purpose.
  6. Sleep Better. Distractions make it more challenging to fall asleep, Clear the clutter from your bedroom. Leave the worries of the day behind when you enter your clean, serene and clutter-free space to rest and relax.
  7. Get out the door quicker. Are mornings frantic at your house? Little things, like not being able to find your keys or cell phone can completely derail the morning. Clear the clutter and your morning routines will go more smoothly.
  8. Make room for your car in the garage. Can’t fit your car in the garage? You’re not alone.  25% of people who have two-car garages can’t fit a car inside because it’s packed with stuff! Clear the clutter so your car can fit. Added benefits – protection from the weather and break-ins.
  9. Sell your home for more. Thinking of putting your home on the market? Decluttering is one of the best ways to make it look its best, and it costs nothing! A clutter-free home looks cleaner, spacious and more inviting, potentially boosting the sale price, especially when paired with a home staging strategy.