Organizing & Decluttering

When a room feels cluttered, it can feel like chaos. Let’s make it feel like your home again.

Topcat’s complete home organizing and decluttering services can turn one or all rooms in your home back into more enjoyable, usable and relaxing spaces.

We use a proven process to work with you and your family to remove excess items and develop an organized and functional environment.

Here’s how we help:

  • Set and achieve organizing goals
  • ​Edit and organize closets, cupboards & drawers
  • Sort & purge common catch-all areas – attic, basement & garage
  • Sort & manage your paperwork.
  • Arrange trash removal, charity pickups, shredding services, auctions & much more
  • Get a fresh look with our interior decor and redesign services: reposition furniture, wall art and accessories to maximize visual appeal and function

To arrange for a consultation on how you can start to reclaim the full enjoyment of your space, contact Topcat today.

Looking fresh and feeling free

“Thank you, Karen, for helping me sort through 10 years of clutter. Having you there kept me focused. I could not have worked through so much on my own. “My home looks fresh and I feel liberated”.

Delia, Toronto​