A few words from our customers

Sold in six days!
“After two unsuccessful attempts to sell my home, my daughter convinced me that I needed professional help and then introduced me to Topcat. I thought there was no hope with all the clutter and shabby condition of my home. Karen worked a miracle. I could not believe the transformation and had second thoughts about selling. I sold the house in six days of listing. I highly recommend Karen for her knowledge, creativity and kindness in guiding me to a successful outcome.”
“A guardian angel recommended Karen who more than surpassed my expectations. Karen and her team removed an enormous amount of stress from me throughout my downsize and move. I would recommend your services to anyone”
“Topcat moved mountains on Dad’s and my behalf. Dad parted with possessions I thought he would never say goodbye to.”
“My wife and I needed to put the house up for sale and arrange for the sale and removal of house contents, all during a brief two week visit to Toronto. Topcat smoothly and successfully took care of it all.”
Beverly Hills
“On our first night in our new home our bed was made and our clothes were hanging in the closets! Our furniture, mirrors and artwork were arranged so beautifully. Thank you so much for helping us move into our new home”.
“I feel like you’ve given me a new home! My awkward space now feels perfect: cozy and beautifully laid out. I would never have thought of rearranging my art and furniture this way, but it works so well! I still can’t quite grasp that this is my old place”.
“After 50 years in our family home, Mom wanted to downsize and move into a retirement residence. Topcat’s help with planning the layout of her new space, and helping to select, or sell, everything from furniture and art to everyday items was invaluable.”
K, G and S

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